Hamilton Collins' Descendants

Hamilton Collins, the patriarch of this page, was my gggg-grandfather. More specifically, I am descended from the Andrew Harvel/Eddie Cornelius Collins line, as seen further down the page.

Researching the Collins line is an ongoing project of mine, with the eventual aim of collecting a volume of all of the descendents of Hamilton Collins. So to that end, this page lists the names and dates I know of Hamilton, his children, and his grandchildren. Most vital information locations, with the exception of the Azel Collins and Barnwell lines, are limited to the state of Georgia. While I'm fairly well informed on my own line, I'm largely ignorant of the descendants of Hamilton's other children. In some cases, I don't know anything past the first generation.

If you've stumbled across this page, hopefully you recognize a name. And if that's the case, we might be of help to each other. So if any of the names on this page look like someone from your lineage, please drop me a line.

First Generation

Hamilton Collins was born March 3, 1825 in South Carolina. He died March 12, 1894 in Hall County, Georgia.

He was married to Elie Stephens (or Elly Stephens, or Ellen Stephens, or Elender Stephens). She was born May 5, 1828 and died February 28, 1897 in Hall County, Georgia.

They were married February 22, 1848 in Lumpkin County, Georgia. They are both buried in the Harmony Hall Baptist Church Cemetery in Hall County.

Hamilton and Elie's Tombstone

Hamilton and Elie had ten children, as follows:

  1. Mary L. Collins
  2. James H. Collins
  3. Azel Collins
  4. Andrew Harvel Collins
  5. Sarah Susan Collins
  6. William Collins
  7. Benjamin Terrell Collins
  8. Ellen Rhoda Collins
  9. Luther Washington Collins
  10. Elbert Franklin Collins

Second Generation

Mary L. Collins

Mary was born in December 1848 in Lumpkin County, Georgia. She died August 31, 1879 in Mossy Creek, White County, Georgia. She married Newton J. Autry on August 31, 1870. Newton was born September 2, 1852 and died November 12, 1932. They had five children:

  1. Jasper Newton Autry (born April 1871)
  2. Daniel Webster Autry (born May 20, 1873; died May 20, 1873)
  3. John Willis Autry (born June 23, 1874; died January 24, 1942)
  4. Colious Hoyt Autry (or Colins Autry) (born March 6, 1877; died February 22, 1942)
  5. Hamilton Alexander Autry (aka Hamp Autry) (born February 13, 1879; December 3, 1944)

James H. Collins

James Collins was born July 30, 1850 and died March 25, 1915. He married Catherine Hatfield on April 20, 1871. She was born March 5, 1849 and died August 27, 1932. They're buried in Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery. They had six children:

  1. George H. Collins (born 1873; died 1955)
  2. Sarah Collins (born 1878)
  3. Francis Collins (born May 1875)
  4. Joseph W. Collins (born June 1882)
  5. Marion Floyd Collins (born September 25, 1884; died August 15, 1947)
  6. Lisbon Cyrus Collins (born May 1888)

Azel Marion Collins

Azel (or Azzelle Collins, or Ancel Collins, or Acil Collins) was likely born in November 1852 in Georgia, and probably died between 1910 and 1920 in Oklahoma. He was married about 1876, to a woman alternatively known as Belinda or Millie. What little we know about Azel comes from Census records. In the 1860 Census for Lumpkin Co, Georgia, Hamilton's third child is a 7-year old son named "Acil M."

The 1880 Census lists an "A.W. Collins" as a head-of-household adjacent to the listings for Hamilton Collins and Andrew Harvel Collins (see below). He is Azzelle's age, and is listed with a wife named Belinda and daughters named Ada Collins (age 3) and Alace Collins (age 1).

They moved to Arkansas sometime before 1886, and to Indian Territory in about 1890. He shows up again in the 1900 Census in the Cherokee Nation portion of Indian Territory (listed as Marion A. Collins), and in 1910 in the Census for Craig County, Oklahoma (as Azel M. Collins). Azel does not appear to be in the 1920 Census, but Millie and their two youngest children were living in Augusta, Kansas.

Azel and Millie had approximately ten children.

  1. Addie F. Collins (born September 1876 in Georgia)
  2. Alace Collins (born about 1879 in Georgia)
  3. ? Collins
  4. Ellen J. Collins (born January 1883 in Georgia)
  5. May P. Collins (born May 1886 in Arkansas)
  6. Effie F. Collins (born October 1889 in Arkansas)
  7. Willis Dave Collins (born May 31, 1891 in Indian Territory)
  8. Joseph B. Collins (born December 25, 1894 in Oklahoma; died June 1974 in Kansas)
  9. Luther Marion Collins (born October 26, 1895-1897 in Oklahoma; died January 1985 in Hutchison, Kansas)
  10. Thelma A. Collins (born about 1900)
If you know anything at all about Azel or his family, please contact me.

Andrew Harvel Collins

Andrew Collins was born June 27, 1855 and died June 17, 1922. He married Manerva Wacaster on January 25, 1877. She was born May 14, 1855 and died September 4, 1909. They had eight children.

  1. Eddie Cornelius Collins (born October 26, 1877; died September 4, 1910)
  2. Luther Webster Collins (born October 1878)
  3. William Arthur Collins (born August 1880)
  4. Fred Thomas Collins (born January 26, 1882; died June 20, 1957)
  5. Ernest Robert Collins (born February 28, 1887; died February 14, 1965)
  6. Henry Gordon Collins (born April 1889)
  7. Hubert Oscar Collins (born November 13, 1891; died May 10, 1952)
  8. Annie Mae Collins (born August 1897; died 1970)

Sarah Susan Collins

Sarah Collins was born May 12, 1859 in Lumpkin County. She married Benjamin Franklin Barnwell on August 13, 1877. He was born January 4, 1857 in Hall County, and died April 1, 1931 in Honea Path, Anderson, South Carolina. They are buried in Eastview Cemetery in Honea Path. They had twelve children.

  1. Floyd Alonzo Barnwell (born September 21, 1878)
  2. Thomas Benjamin Barnwell (born April 16, 1880; died October 13, 1897)
  3. Azel Marion Barnwell (born October 13, 1883; died June 9, 1949)
  4. Effie Elizabeth Barnwell (born June 2, 1886; February 22, 1887)
  5. Joe Wesley Barnwell (born October 17, 1887)
  6. Artie Lee Barnwell (born August 6, 1891)
  7. James Corbitt Barnwell (born February 5, 1893; died September 4, 1975)
  8. Gustin Hall Barnwell (born March 10, 1895)
  9. Luper Lawrence Barnwell (born April 27, 1897)
  10. Oscar Hamilton Barnwell (born October 20, 1899)
  11. Bertie Barnwell (January 3, 1900; died April 6, 1987)
  12. Ruben Baylas Barnwell (born March 12, 1903; died March 25, 1979)

William Collins

William was born about 1861 in Lumpkin County. He may have married a woman named Martha Cloe, and may have moved to North Carolina or to south Georgia. It is suspected that they had no children.

As with Azel, we're a bit hazy on William. So if anything looks familiar, please let us know.

Benjamin Terrell Collins

Benjamin Collins was born October 15, 1864 in Lumpkin County. He married Frances Hatfield on March 19, 1888. She was born May 26, 1861 and died March 20, 1937. They had six children.

  1. Esther Argenta Collins (born October 11, 1889; died March 27, 1977)
  2. Curtiss Bunion Collins (born October 29, 1890; died September 29, 1953)
  3. Delilah Arizona Collins (born July 9, 1892)
  4. Pearlie Victoria Collins (born November 21, 1894; died July 31, 1976)
  5. Thomas Wayne Collins (born December 6, 1898; died August 1, 1968)
  6. Ernest Eugene Collins (born May 23, 1901)

Ellen Rhoda Collins

Ellen Collins was born about 1866 in Lumpkin County. She may have married a J.H. Campbell. This is the third and last child that we know next to nothing about, so information is welcomed.

Luther Washington Collins

Luther Collins was born in August 1869 in Lumpkin County. He married a woman named Margaret about 1866. They had four children:

  1. Amanda Collins (born October 1891)
  2. Bessie C. Collins (born November 1893)
  3. Ruby Mae Collins (born September 1896)
  4. Otto H. Collins (born August 1898)

Elbert Franklin Collins

Frank Collins was born December 1, 1871 and died July 1, 1927. He married Asilee Emma Maddox in 1900. She was born June 12, 1884 and died September 21, 1975. They had four children.

  1. Zenos Robert Collins (born September 16, 1902, died September 21, 1975)
  2. Eber Elbert Collins (born September 19, 1904; died February 1, 1965)
  3. Verna Lee Collins (born November 1912)
  4. Velma Collins (born February 1917)